Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just Keeps Going Up

So, we have been slowly getting our quotes.  This is taking a lot more of our time then we initially thought it would.  Trying to figure out everything we needed quotes for.  It is very interesting what I found as I read and reread through the initial appraisal done by the dept of trans themselves.  They make comments in writing that negotiations, professional fees, and general nuisance for us are not tangible so therefore not put the appraisal. Then they said that there will be additional charges such as hotel stays, emotional stress, moving company to put everything into storage and back out again, but that it is not included in the appraisal so not covered.

Then I talk to the rep from dept of trans.  I understand that the appraisal was done by a 3rd party they hired.  And it is amazing to me how many people on our road that we have spoken to or that the rep we deal with have spoken to and none of them have these things in the appraisals.  Yet dept of trans said they would pay for them so that the people having to move are not out large amounts of money because we have no choice in the move.

So, we get told in May to get all our quotes together.  We have been working on that.  Finding some people to do quotes is proving exceedingly difficult.  Such as, I can not find a mason anywhere!  No one knows anyone that isnt retired.  There is a chimney that is built from brick that has to be removed because it connects the house to the basement, so therefore can not stay, but will need to be rebuilt and repaired.  Some of the people to get quotes from are hours away and costs us money to get them to give us quotes.  We have spent almost $1,000 just in getting the required quotes from companies already.  So we press on.  Keep getting them.  I am glad to report that we only have four quotes left to go!  The contractors have been here to get the info they need and I am just waiting on them to arrive.  So glad!!!

So, what is the damage so far?  Well, let me break it down for you:

Replace Her driveway $67,417.68
Replace our driveway and dugouts that will no longer be useable  $176,628.37
Permit to build per site $50 each for a total of $100
Replace all water and sewer lines $108,075.00
To get gas service back to both residences $15,226
For sea cans to store all the stuff while the homes are moved and repaired $2,370
To box and move everything into sea can and then back into houses afterwards $3,512.50
Travel trailer for us while the house is moved and repaired $4,158.00
Handicap motorhome for them while house is moved and repaired $17,451.00
To drop three power poles for the homes $40,500
Generator to run power to all three homes until power poles are dropped in 6 months $35,721
Replacement of the shelter belt $ 29,400
Fence replacement (remove old fence included) $20,000

Total of $520,559.55

Then we are waiting on the running of electrical to the homes from the poles
Cost of rewiring her home to bring it to code
Cost of replacing the decks we currently have and my greenhouse that is on one of the decks
The building mover to actually move the home
The cost of the new basement to replace hers, the crawl space to replace mine
The permits required for the rest of the building sites.
Replacement of the landscaping

Those things all come from four places, Electrical company, General Contractor, Permit Pro, and Landscaper.

I cant believe some of these prices.  We have gotten known companies from the area to give us the quotes.  The sewer and water line is even the company the province has on contract to do these things in this area.  I about choked when I gathered up all this so far and realized that this is going to be more then I ever expected.  This just keeps going up and up.  And nothing we have put in here isnt what we already have.  I am seriously afraid to see how high this is really going to go.  I also know from talking to other residences that have been in negotiations already, that they are countering and not giving anyone what they are asking for.  I do have every one of these quotes in writing from the companies though.  I had one contractor off hand, that does this stuff for a living tell me he estimated it would cost us around $800,000 to do everything from the size of the project.  It isnt like we want to have to do this.  We have missed out on getting one of our fields planted this year all because we have been dealing with contractors.  We have not asked for the $20,000 in lost revenue due to it not getting done while dealing with all these contractors and permitting agents and the reps themselves.  I seriously dont know what to think of all of this.  Things are so expensive up here.  Granted a gallon of milk in town is $6.10.  It just keeps going up!

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