Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Impatiently Waiting

It feels like you are either so busy you forget to breath, or you are impatiently waiting on those miracles of life and sometimes waiting so hard you forget to look at the ones happening around you.

I have been impatiently waiting on one of our Jersey cows to calve.  She was due two days ago.  For the last two days I have been sure she was going to have it.  All of her pins are gone.  She is so swollen that it looks like the calf will just slide out any second.  Yet here I sit, in suspense.  I am normally pretty good at predicting these things with my cows.  Not this one.  This is a new cow for us and her first calf here.  After two or three you really get a sense of how the cow will progress.  This cow, she just likes to very very very slow progress and keep you waiting.  Last night I went to bed and thought about what she will have.  I am hoping for a heifer calf, of course.

Impatiently waiting keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your set.  It keeps you guessing and checking.  And unfortunately, it keeps everyone else annoyed that you are being so impatient.

With this particular occurrence, I realized this morning, that in the last four days since I have been watching her so close, I have forgotten to look around me.  I have hatched out turkey poults, ducklings, and some chicks.  All of which is a miracle its self.  Little bundles of down needing my attention.  They are all growing well and very strong.  Already trying to get out of the brooders.  In the next few days they will be moved to the chicken house.

Just a reminder, dont get too caught up in one experience that you forget to realize and participate in all the other ones going on around you.  Smile, it is spring and a great day!


The true irony of this, is several hours after I posted this, she delivered a still born heifer calf.  It is only the second time it has happened here, but every time it is felt.  Just shows even more, remember what you have, because you may not get what you think you will.