Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just Keeps Getting Better

Well, it seems right as we are getting a handle on everything going on, something else comes up.  Now, our county is changing by laws and it WILL affect what we can rebuild on the farm.  It would not allow a commercial processing building (which we have, but has to be rebuilt due to the road widening) on Agricultural land.  So we would be out half our income.  Much less our farm store which it simply states "no retail" and retail is defined as sale to the public.  So, now, not just dealing with the road widening and all the headaches that are coming with that, we now have to try to fight the county on some of the wording before they pass it.

Want to know what makes this even better?

They sent the letter to our grandparents that have NOT owned the farm or ran the farm since November 2013.  Our grandparents that are in Calgary.  Not to us nor to "mom" who are listed as the property owners and have been since November 2013.  And it is a legal document to boot!  So, grandma and grandpa got the letter on June 4th.  With a dead line to respond by June 2nd.  Yeah, we have had to raise hell and in the midst of everything else, try to get all the bylaws read and ready to be responded.  Oh yes, and the first reading was at their meeting on May 5th and it is set for vote on June 9th.  I wonder if there is a law that say the amount of time from first reading til it can be voted on....

Yep, another fun legality of a day lol.  I swear, this is becoming more about the legalities of trying to farm, then actually farming lately!

Want to see the new proposed bylaw?  Here it is:

Want to know the one that bites the worst????

It would REQUIRE A PERMIT to FIX MY FENCE!!!  Seriously??????  Our home quarter is a corner lot.  And as per section

3.2.1 The following developments shall not require a Development Permit provided they otherwise comply with the other provisions of this Bylaw:

3) In all districts (other then Hamlets and Rural Settlements), the erection or construction of gates, fences, walls, or any other means of enclosure (other then a corner lot or where abuttinga road used by vehicular traffice) less then 2.4m (8ft) and the MAINTENANCE, improvement and other alterations of any gates, fences, or wall or other means of enclosure.

Yeah, each building permit is $150 too.  So several times a year I have to go get a permit to repair my fences.  A car drives through them (happens about twice a year, seriously), a wind storm knocks a tree on to it, a moose goes through it, etc...  We fix fences at least once a month here.  Total BS!